Krell was also not afraid to use the threat of deadly force to put insubordinate troopers back in their place, as ARC-5555 (Fives) discovered when his outspoken criticism of the general's leadership was silenced with an order at the point of a lightsaber blade. Pong Krell is a villainous general/traitor from the Star Wars Clone Wars Universe. By this time, the tenets of the Jedi Order had become meaningless to Krell. Dark Troopers Commander Pyre | Moral Event Horizon He detested the clones as "creatures" hatched in the laboratories of Kamino. Lott Dod In terms of military strategy, Krell is keenly aware of Umbara's significance to the Republic's war effort, including the fact that the chances of victory depended primarily on himself and the 501st Legion. Aurra Sing | Darts D'nar | Er handelte ganz anders als viele Jedi-Generäle. Wooof | Cad Bane | Barada | Darth Plagueis | Sun Fac | After Fives and Jesse commit insubordination to secure a victory on Umbara, Krell orders their near-execution via firing squad without so much as a fair trial. General KrellThe General The Clone Wars dealt many devastating blows to everyone in the galaxy, inside and out. Merrin | He is a very stern Besalisk male fallen Jedi Master who served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. Durante las Guerras Clon, ocupó el rango de General Jedi en el Gran Ejército de la República. He wore standard Jedi robes and most notably, he owned two double bladed lightsabers; one was green while the other was blue. General Veers | An unyielding Jedi General, Krell took a no nonsense approach when it came to commanding a group of clone troopers. TV-94 | This is something that many of the PT Jedi failed to do, and this is again most evidenced by the falls of Pong Krell and Barriss Offee, both of whom surrendered to the morbid, debilitating realities of war and allowed their dark sides to consume them and thereby influence their actions. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’s D23 trailer showed Rey wielding a weird, hinged lightsaber. Ponda Baba | … Ochi | At the outbreak of the Clone Wars, he entered military service as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic. The Ninth Sister | During theClone Wars, he held therankofJedi Generalin theGrand Army of the Republic. No, the former Jedi Pong Krell never got to be a Sith. Affiliates: Moff Gideon | War crimesTreasonConspiracySabotageAbuse of position. K2-B4 | The Eighth Brother | He also has the highest casualty rates out of any Jedi due to ordering suicide runs. Passel Argente | Pong Krell is a very stern Besalisk male fallen Jedi Master who served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars.An unyielding Jedi General, Krell took a no-nonsense approach when it came to commanding a group of clone troopers. EV-A4-D | In personal combat, he can be ferocious -- his giant arms carry two double-ended lightsabers, making him extremely dangerous in close quarters. Knights of Ren, Nightsisters Krell's true villainy is revealed! When only Jesse and Fives returned, Krell wanted them to face the Grand Army's court-martial for disobeying orders, although the Besalisk instead decided to organize a firing squad to execute the clones. 0-0-0 | Hondo Ohnaka | Morley | Battle Droids | Ingratiate himself to Count Dooku and become his apprentice.Rule as part of the future Galactic Empire (both failed). Slick | 501st Legion (formerly)Jedi Council (formerly) Captain Sabrond | He used a force technique to keep himself from dying. Commander Versio | Pure Evil villains who were once heroes. Son | Supreme Leader Snoke | Ziro the Hutt, Other Highsinger | Agent Terex | Moff Raythe | Bazine Netal | 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Notes and Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Appearances After Cole killed the Triad, Krell was sent to kill him by the Source of All Evil. In war, Pong Krell is a very obdurate, ruthless, relentless, and intransigent Jedi Master who settled for nothing less than absolute victory on the battlefield. Beilert Valance | Admiral Piett | Leaders: Darth Sidious | R3-S6 | Canon Captain Canady | Pyke Syndicate | There, Krell revealed that he had foreseen that the Jedi would lose the Clone Wars and that a new order would rise in the place of the destroyed Republic, and wanted to become Count Dooku's apprentice. He is a very stern Besalisk male fallen Jedi Master who served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. The Fifth Brother | Haazen | Leaders: Evil All Along: Krell fell to the Dark Side sometime before the events of this story arc. Zam Wesell | The Sixth Brother | Po Nudo | Darth Krayt | Poggle the Lesser | BB-9E | Evil-doer Saw Gerrera | Krayt Dragons | A Besalisk male Force-sensitive, Pong Krell ascended to the rank of Master in the Jedi Order by the time of the Clone Wars. Dengar | When the clone troopers had to capture an Umbaran airbase before they could proceed into the city, Rex, with many of the troopers under his command, felt uncertain about the order, due to the route Krell wanted the clones to take to reach the airbase. Bossk | He indirectly causes Dogma to get arrested for executing him. Committed to both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, Krell became a successful general through his unorthodox but efficient strategies. It may be difficult, but these are difficult times and it’s proven effective. He did forsee the end of the Jedi Order and so decided to save himself. Durge | Bala-Tik | Nexu | Razoo Qin-Fee | Bib Fortuna | TA-175 | Rancors | After the Republic has taken Umbara, forcing the Umbarans to join the Galactic Republic, it is revealed that General Pong Krell was alive. Kill Count Asajj Ventress | Legion zuteil. Krell was once a member of the Republic but he betrayed them by seting two squads of clones against each other and then when he was finally caught he was killed by Dogma his only loyal clone. Keeper Agruss | Mandalorian Super Commandos | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unkar Plutt | Having won many key Republic victories during the war, the Besalisk Jedi Master was recognized as a successful general among Jedi and clones alike but had the highest amount of clone casualties under his belt. Tikkes | The battle was later won by the Republic. Sebulba | The Client | Pre Vizsla Pong Krell is shot by Dogma to death for betraying the clone troopers and the Republic. Agruss flies with his flying chair crashes with one of the screens in his room after being killed by Captain Rex. Director Krennic | Powers/Skills Barriss Offee was tempted by the Dark Side in a matter similar to Krell. TJ 55 | Dr. Nuvo Vindi | Gar Saxon, Legends This Besalisk Jedi is all about getting results and, indeed, his battlefield record lists many key victories in the Clone Wars. Demagol | Goals Commander Hask | Pong Krell; Desertion; Pong Krell Being an Asshole; AU where Pong Krell is Rex's general; Rex loses his faith in the Republic; Pirate AU (later) Summary. The Second Sister | Dryden Vos Ingratiate himself to Count Dooku and become his apprentice. The Evil Spirit's deathly demise as she was sealed once again in her book. TX-20 | Miraj Scintel | Ziro the Hutt He's a heavily despised character within the, Krell even has a subreddit dedicated to how much hate he has recieved, titled "r/fuckpongkrell". Velken Tezeri | So wollte er zum Beispiel, dass seine Männer die Hauptstraße nahmen, um zu einer gegnerischen Basis vorzurücken, anstatt den Dschungel als Deckung zu nutzen. Orson Krennic | Origin Jedi General (formerly)Jedi Master (formerly)Unofficial Sith Apprentice of Count Dooku Pure Evil He is also extremely irritated by the captain's suggestion to let the troopers rest before completing their objective, as well as their failure to defeat Umbaran soldiers without the assistance of his reinforcements. Having won many key Republic victories during the war, the Besalisk Jedi Master was recognized as a successful general among Jedi and clones alike but had the highest amount of clone casualties under his belt. Pong Krell, aForce-sensitiveBesaliskmale, was aJedi Masterduring thelast yearsof theGalactic Republic. Grand Moff Tarkin | Riff Tamson | Crimson Dawn | 501st Legion | Soldiers: The Grand Inquisitor | Very far from being an incompetent general as some of the 501st initially perceived him to be due to his seemingly reckless strategies, Pong Krell revealed his true nature when his own clone troopers attempted to arrest him.
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