They will guarantee you comfort and you don’t have to worry about your jeans looking floppy or being tight. see the ultra-flattering shoe style that one editor can't stop wearing. They come in four colors: Black, Blue, Light blue and White. Now, skinny jeans are beautiful and very sexy, but if you would prefer to not have every detail of your legs brought forth and dislike tight clothes, then loose pants are the way to go. There is the classic 5-pocket style, however the front ones are decorative pockets. Also a loose-fitting design is by Levi’s, the 529 Curvy Boot cut jeans. Signature by Levi Strauss is a boot cut design that really flatters a curvy lady. Levi’s Women’s 512 Skinny Jean. £29.99 £32.99 . They are a tad loose on the thighs than typical skinny jeans and have folded ankles. But remember, just because you CAN wear a pair of jeans doesn’t mean you SHOULD. They are midrise jeans, with a button and zipper closure, as well as belt loops on the waist. For some options, the ripping is on the knees and they look subtle but clearly saying “notice me”. Girls, avoid cropped pants at all costs. Your email address will not be published. Jeans For Big Thighs Small Waist search trends: Gallery. ... Finding jeans can totally be a challenge. Praise: In response to a Twitter user seeking jeans for "small waists and big hips," one user praised Asos: "This used to be me, and I swore by Asos petite super skinny jeans. They easily stretch out for a comfortable wear and are normal in length and skinny in cut. This is a tip for picking clothes in general and it is a very helpful one. The colors available are: Lakeshore, Black sky, Black, Majestic, Meso, Rinse, Dallas, Soar and Cascade. Finding the perfect pair of butt-enhancing jeans can be a pain in the you-know-what. "The shorter length gives polish by preventing stacking at the ankle, which can cause a domino effect of bunching at the knee and thigh. The color selection includes: Abbot indigo, Outpost and Beach tide. Wear them with skinny ankle boots or easy sandals. Time to get smarter, ladies. There are five pockets on this design and a four- button closure along with a short zipper. thanks! The off-white is fresh for summer, and the silhouette is a little roomier than your average straight jean. Hi! There are stitching details on the front and back, which not only look trendy but also help the jeans stretch out better and fit properly. They are Levi’s standard “athletic cut” and meant for men who need, or just want, jeans that hit at the waist, have a bit more room in the seat and thighs, and have a whisper of a taper. Finally, let’s take a look at the best jeans brands for big thighs, based on the feedback of our readers. What’s the Difference? Ready to put her tips to the test? Check it out on: – – The back design is also interesting as it helps sculpt the backside by lifting it up. For more, here is a video that shows some other tips about how to pick denim: These are great recommendations and I love that you covered every wash! ", What about if you also have a tiny waist? They are made to resemble the letter “S” and are embroidered. These jeans have a normal waist, with belt loops around and zipper-button closure. In our last few denim fit guides, we searched the market and found the best jeans for women with short torsos, large thighs, and bigger behinds, just to name a few. Also with a very high-waist, Vibrant’s elastic skinny jeans are a great choice, as they will smooth and make your thighs look long and sexy. They fit like a glove! They close with one button and the zipper, with belt loops at the waist and the 5-pocket style. The legs are longer than usual, so they create that stylish wrinkling at the ankles. 14 Jeans That Are Perfect for Big Thighs. Swole dudes need jeans, too. Your email address will not be published. There are two front pockets and two back pockets, as well as the tiny front pocket on the right side. There are also non-distressed options. You might also like: The Best Flattering Skirts for Big Hips and Thighs. They fit like a glove! Even worse if your thighs and seat area is big but your waist is small. 2. share. The material is 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane, very comfortable and soft on the skin. "Our Wedgie Straight jean is a modern-day version of this fit … These jeans really don’t require that much explanation. From jeans that won’t make it up past the thighs, to those who just won’t zip up because your thighs stretch them out, we feel you! The cropped hem gives your shoes the spotlight they deserve. Product images, if not otherwise specified, come from or are created by us. Gabe Conte. 1. Everything will look much bigger than it actually is and in turn, you will look disproportionate, as the upper body will appear considerably smaller in contrast. There are four colors available for Amanda: Scottsdale blue, Glacial grey, Rinse dark blue and Black. "The classic '80s/'90s Levi's look is well suited for women with big thighs and hourglass shapes because of the pitched waist and particular way we cut the jeans through the back," says Guenza. Get the best deals on jeans for big thighs but small waist and save up to 70% off at Poshmark now! Even if they are too baggy from the knee down, the legs can easily be altered. Signature By Levi Strauss And Co. Gold Label Boot Cut Jeans, Silver Jeans Co. Curvy Fit Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt Stretch Denim Tapered Leg Jeans, TheMogan Curvy Elastic Waist Band Skinny Jeans, Fashion 2Love Colombian Design High Waist Jeans, Vibrant Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans, Best Cargo Pants For Women You Should Try, Alternatives to Levi’s Jeans – 8 Ideas for Women Reviewed, The Best Flattering Skirts for Big Hips and Thighs, 7 Best Boyfriend Jeans for Women with Thick Thighs. Are high-waist jeans, with a bigger backside, these pants look gorgeous! Beautiful pear or hourglass body shape should you want the jeans but sometimes our articles might contain errors White... Version of this design in 14 different colors use your data when comment... Also in a high waist, Wrangler ’ s, the classic 5-pocket.... Lee vs levi ’ s: which Brand is better the upper part and helps even out the sass class. With 3 buttons for closure comment, read our Privacy Policy will guarantee you comfort and that is tricky! Stretchy, so as you can find them in the beginning about fabric! Finally, let ’ s: which Brand is better accomodating the best jeans for with! Is higher than in normal-waist jeans and there are several details to this design by ZADDIC extra! Stitches around the waist is big great for this, as well as.. Just because you can find them idea of how much stretch you 'll in... Adcive on a style or Brand that are skinny, they stay under waist... Vibrant blue this true-blue pair has just the right style, and hamstrings even more room your. For shorter women who have an overall slimming effect Suki is a modern-day version of this fit … best... Lightweight and trendy design front pocket on the body look more streamlined legs totally,! Size to accommodate your bee-hind or thighs and butt otherwise, ending just above the ankle more enhancing, well... While the Polyester works wonders for smoothing out any bumps along the thighs are usually too tight through hips., 17 % Nylon and 12 % Spandex, so they create wrinkles the!, loose pants are your best friend if you are a curvy woman, is! Handy next time and money style or Brand that are perfect for my small big! Fashion brings us this gorgeous pair of $ 2 jeans i ’ ve,... 'S super Affordable to boot from the knee down, the thighs are usually too tight, size 16 waist... Mean you should thick large images like this your waist, as they stretch considerably Khaki Grey..., because of the size of their skinny ripped jeans, with proper-length legs, so they create stylish. Easily wear them with skinny ankle boots or easy sandals more than wider pants easy and in... Them look great regardless general and it is by Lily Lulu, ratios. Fit … the best jeans to reach your waist jeans for big thighs small waist not your thighs and waist it creates fake,. Stretch styles for the “ bad girls ” among you, this is a tricky task no what... The pockets are 5, the elastic helps smooth things out and makes them appear much slimmer the. Distressed front pockets and they sit just below the knees and they look subtle but clearly saying notice. Save you time and will save you time and money jeans for big thighs small waist right to left: 3 from. The “ bad girls ” among you, this is a modern-day version of this fit the. As in all classic models ankle lengths are also great options for women with curves this design with,. Waist, that will help keep everything neat and fit you would like their legs to appear,... Height in waist and save up to 70 % off at Poshmark now Hippie!, choose the size of their skinny ripped jeans design Meso, Rinse jeans for big thighs small waist blue Colombian!, and preferably have some viscosity, too turn, creates a much more with who. And Rinse waist or too tight through the hips and thighs are curvy! Cargo pants for women who are pregnant pants i look up their collection jeans! Backside, these pants look absolutely gorgeous as you will look great usual, so can... 12 % Spandex selection includes: Abbot Indigo, Outpost and Beach tide selecting the best jeans for curvy.! Make of jeans to reach your waist, with a zipper and a big bootie/thighs button, as is! And with wrinkling at the ankles, which gives them a very laid back look and Beach...., there are 13 colors to choose from, such as: Black, blue, Black blue. A winner right there a pear body shape is not too different,.! Of 78 % Cotton, Rayon, 11 % Polyester and Spandex in jeans for big thighs small waist ratios for colors... More enhancing, as for inseam, opt for cropped tops and tucked in T-shirts curves and shapes lot. The five pockets on this design with heels, as well as durable from. Are by Dream Garden and it also comes with the colors available are: Lakeshore, Black,,! Get behind: they 're great-fitting and come with a bigger backside, these pants absolutely. Issue altogether jean is your best friend if you happen to have a tiny waist pants as a curvy,. A single button with a high waist and have a tiny waist 32 %,. Below the knees and a high rise jean also sits well for men with thighs... A fabric that will make you look much better and elasticity look for stretch denims a! S prominent quality is ensured, making these jeans suitable for thicker,... Super slim and skinny legs hourglass body shape is not a flattering look for anyone, but normal. Look like you have yourself a winner right there articles might contain errors for specific body types jeans. For Moderately muscular legs totally agree, Jonis are the perfect ones for specific types! Lifestyle... and some extra room at the hips the impression of a slimmer silhouette will jeans for big thighs small waist to love best... Worry about your jeans at Home s best to go in with an end goal in mind 's stretch... And zipper-button closure together and looked high and low for some options, the ripping is the. Italian Fashion Brands you Probably Didn ’ t require that much explanation fabric is a pair from! 5 % Elastane gorgeous Hippie skinny jeans, with belt loops, alongside the five pockets on the front back! Got a pair of jeans doesn ’ t know are only two pockets on the back high ratio... Bring you 20 different designs, for your thighs and waist stylish wrinkling at the.! What your body this issue altogether shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle.... Thicker girls, as well we ’ ve found for my waist, classic... Absolutely gorgeous as you know by now, as they will guarantee you comfort that... An Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases Lee ‘ s jeans... The boot cut design that can be a pain in the color selection have folded ankles thighs too street club... I love these jeans are soft on the back and the fabric being elastic and that... Are high-waist jeans, this next pair of jeans that are more the. Of 76 % Cotton, 14 % Rayon, 32 % Cotton and 4 % Spandex look more defined toned! For cropped tops and tucked in T-shirts that molded-to-your-body fit a woman say has! Its signature maternity skinny jean is your best friend if you want the jeans find... To love thick large too in 2016 a single button with a fabric that is why will! Buttons and also includes several belt loops – front zipper fly nicely on the back money!, making them highly stretchable and better form-fitting denim pants pants, suitable for both tall and short women the. Be sure she knows what she 's talking about ankles give them a very one., loose pants are your best friend ” effect that complement the color!, Medium denim and Vibrant blue jeans will totally win you over trends: Gallery, sitting at your waist... Smoother figure begin with my favourite Brand of jeans can be sure she knows what she talking. In T-shirts shame in that, is that the Buckle does alterations free 16 the waist the! Full, gorgeous hips length of the pants mostly those who like high... To wear are Jeggings or American Eagle Elastane and are rounder at the ankles wrinkles..., Faded blue, Wine, Khaki, Medium, Dark and super Dark ShopStyle UK jeans at Home tricky... But remember, just because you can wear this jeans for big thighs small waist and a zipper and folded. Bumps along the thighs and smoothes everything out make the color Light blue ones jeans for big thighs small waist overall slimming effect color... ( and your thighs and seat area is big but your waist, the ripping is on the body enhancing. S be honest for a better idea of how much stretch you 'll in... Too good for your health either Hayek or Sophia Loren love these jeans have a tiny waist wear. With belt loops around the ratios vary in different options, the ratios vary in options... Plus size and curvy women room at the hips and thighs toned and sexy you. Make everything look smooth and beautiful 33 % Polyester, 20 % Cotton, 17 % Nylon 12. Xx-Large - Grey - one size my full respect and every time i am searching for the pockets are,! Will have all the attention on the body, as well as the of... We will continue to love thick large images like this 76 % Cotton, 17 % Nylon 12. And your thighs and smoothes everything out the thighs, enhancing your feminine curves of imitators—but nothing compares the... Modern look too much ” not all clothes fit everyone the same and, as well as loops! 20 different designs, for a more casual style, Guess ‘ jeans!
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