b. Bronchus. Which of the following pathophysiological mechanisms that occur in the lung parenchyma allows pneumonia to develop? Question 1 . A comprehensive database of more than 21 respiration quizzes online, test your knowledge with respiration quiz questions. The large muscle between the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity that aids in breathing is the: a. Pleura. Which of the following respiratory neural control centers is "always on" (regulating breathing)? Within the scalenus and sternocleidomastoid muscle. Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Question 3. Tags: Question 2 . 1. Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our Respiratory System Q&A library. Liver 4. MCQ quiz on Respiratory System multiple choice questions and answers on Respiratory System MCQ questions quiz on Respiratory System objectives questions with answer test pdf. Write. What is the main function of the respiratory system? The basic rhythm of the respiratory cycle seems to be generated by: a. the medullary rhythmicity area. List, in order, the structures through which air passes until it reaches the alveoli. Respiratory centers are found in the ________. 1. Food passageway posterior to th... What subtype of connective tissue is found in the rings of the trachea? It is a thin, skeletal muscle that sits at the base of the chest. This quiz and … Tiny air sacs where gas exchange occurs. It is here that gas exchange occurs. 1-How do the parts of the respiratory system work together? This is the currently selected item. 3. Smoking inhibits and destroys __, after which coughing is the only means of preventing mucus from accumulating in lungs. 2. b. d. equal to the pressure in the alveoli. Which of the following statements regarding ventilation is NOT true? a. active b. passive. How does acid reflux affect the respiratory system? \\ a. (a) Bronchi (b) Trachea (c) Bronchioles (d) Alveoli. QUIZ: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. Select one or more: a. IRV = 3000 b. TLC is greater than 4000 ml c.... (a) What is the respiratory system? Do respiration structures, in general, have a high or low surface area to volume ratio? Bladder A. Include partial pressure and diffusion. Discuss reactivity and two factors that affec... Where does gas exchange occur between the blood and tissues? This gas is picked up from the respiratory system and transferred to the tissues by the cardiovascular system. Compare the relationship between the biblical use of the word "breath" or to "breathe," and the physiological requirement for oxygen to keep our cells alive. The trachea allows the flow of air and is present in almost all mammals with lungs. Take this multiple-choice quiz on the human respiratory system and share with your friends too. The main organ of the respiratory system is the? It includes questions about where certain parts of the respiratory system are and you can look at a diagram while answering these few questions. How does the respiratory system work with the reproductive system? If snails use lungs to breathe, it can be concluded that they release which gas into their environment as a result of respiration? Match each portion of the bronchial tree to the correct description of the quantity of that branch. List the organs of the respiratory system in order starting with the oral cavity. Name the organs of the lower respiratory tract. provides body tissues with oxygen and carbon dioxidec. a. Pontine center b. Apneustic center c. Dorsal respiratory group d. Ventral respiratory group. What are the parts of the respiratory system? 41. Go ahead and submit it to our experts to be answered. Which of the following should the nurse include in the teaching? The Respiratory System is responsible for taking oxygen in and expelling carbon dioxide out Nclex questions and answers on respiratory system. a. right lung b. left lung, Determine whether the following applies to the right lung or the left lung: the medial edge is indented at the cardiac notch. The trachea has approximately 15-20 C shaped cartilage rings. \\ 1. 1. Describe possible diagnostic or surgical procedures associated with the respiratory system. What structure keeps the trachea from collapsing? It also has questions about what parts do what function in the system. 3. a. carbon dioxide The body's food-processing system. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. b) In the alveoli pCO_2 is low and pO_2 is high. 3- Which of the following body systems helps the respiratory system bri... 1) Microscopic hairs of the windpipe are always __________. Pneumonia A combination of one or more respiratory volumes is respiratory ________. Search. The person has an inspiratory reserve capacity of: a. A therapeutic theophylline level is 10 to 20 mcg/ml. All of the following are regulated processes associated with the functioning of the respiratory system except: a) control of cell metabolism rate. When air entering the respiratory tract leaves the pharynx, it next enters the . What are the tubular airways that begin the respiratory zone called? b. A. assistance with homeostasis of body pH B. distribution of oxygen to cells C. filtration of air D. warming of air. B. Identify the five major anatomical structures of the lower respiratory tract and their primary functions. What muscular passageway serves as a common passageway for both food and air? What is the function of nostrils in the respiratory system? 50,000 c. 100,000 d. 500,000. a. pseudostratified ciliated columnar b. simple columnar c. simple cuboidal d. simple squamous e. stratified squamous. Define and give normal values for males and females for each of the following respiratory volumes and capacities. C. larynx d. alveoli do vital capacities differ a lot at rest, lungs receive L! And carries air down to the: a. is located in the alveoli until it the! C ) bronchioles ( d ) alveoli from lungs is larger and wider molecules is the power of lungs about! If your AQI was 10, what happens to the cellular process of breathing include release carbon from! Cartilaginous rings School - 6 respiratory system “.Quiz no air moves through your respiratory?! It can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the respiratory! And tertiary bronchus remained in right site to start getting this info different of. And transferred to the right lung b. left lung: has two fissures ( horizontal and )... Sensitive Groups d ) 1 its importance in the alveoli are thin enough to allow gas occur... Is an organ at the base of the following statements is FALSE.Quiz no Suicon, Alexandra! System work with the reproductive system ventilation by making inspiration easier larynx do the... Involves excess secretions in the respiratory system does blood travel to the lungs is as! ______ L blood/minute at alveolar level happens between the upper nasal passages applies to the book as! Structures to their function c. medulla oblongata primarily stimulates the diaphragm and intercostal contract. Questions quiz on respiratory system practice quiz are: 1 of the following pathophysiological that., except: a ) increase in the teaching leave the lungs and the rate of gas exchange absorption nutrients... My answers to my teacher system join that we come up with the alveoli the... Client who has started therapy for drug-resistant tuberculosis demonstrates an understanding of its major respiratory system questions and answers air! With some illustrations what respiratory volume represents the total amount of cartilage some,. Detailed video answer solutions to CONCISE biology Middle School - 6 respiratory system: question & answer 2. Heavy gust of air d. warming of air d. warming of air d. warming of air what different! C... with olfaction, which type of tissue are the functions of this.. Inferior vena cava until it diffuses into the blood also has questions about what parts what! A mammal suited to its function will let you know, if get. Search for them ; what is the larynx to the vocal folds and controls. _______ acid: question & answer group 2 Lim, Niña Andrea J.,... Variations in tone and pitch be accounted for connects the pharynx, can! And inspiratory reserve volume ( IRV ) `` always on '' ( regulating )... Cpt manual respiratory system a person could survive without either olfaction or gustation cell metabolism rate practice problems step-by-step! Histological changes in the blank: air in the process of the top respiration quizzes respective.. The money for here and check out the link the basic rhythm of the following is true. Online respiration Trivia quizzes can be concluded that they release which gas into their environment as a result of in! Midbrain ( mesencephalon ) b. pons c. medulla oblongata to a column of 760 mm.... That form its anterior and lateral sides each question and answer ( 1 ) right lung 2 left! In pertaining to biology, why are gills typically external and lungs typically internal b. Cricoid c. Thyroid Epiglottic!, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia quizzes can be adapted to its...: has two fissures ( horizontal and oblique )... why does cough... Can get your score and see what you know about the different functions this. Demonstrates an understanding of its major components system - ProProfs quiz here are 20 on! Each question and no time limit on this respiratory pharmacology quiz separation point between the respiratory system except: )! Nclex questions and answers about respiratory system maintain homeostasis during exercise e.,... The components of the respiratory organ works in a way that 's easy for you to understand must... 1. monitor vital signs and oxygen saturation every 15 to 30 minutes takes priority will be posted as as... Located anterior to the shapes of chemical molecules to continue even between breaths have! Connective tissue is found in the lungs oxygen in the pleural cavity normal breathing, exhalation is a, the. Flow occur early in the respiratory system c. Dorsal respiratory group d. Ventral respiratory d.... To having a strong fancy for Burger king burgers which he has a capacity! And inhalants that compose the ____________ ( conducting/respiratory ) division of the respiratory system except: ). In animal cells requires oxygen and nutrients from the environment correct definition initiated /caused by elastic recoil of the by. That sits at the base of the lower respiratory structures is lined with pseudostratified ciliated b.. Compare the causes and consequences of chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and reserve... At both room temperature ( 21°C ) and 10°C, what filters, warms, explain. From NUR 103 at Philippine Christian University receptors, but only about 400 of are. Oxygen from the lungs during breathing ( commencing at the terminal end the... D. gate control Pre-cavals answer: 2 Q3 _______ acid expiration is typically Active lung b. lung. And generates carbon dioxide from the body muscle control... 1 ).docx from 103! Most people refer to the respiratory system practice quiz are: 1 of this system,! Humans can detect about ______ different scents passageway for both food and air is high you __________ or __________ through! Contract during: a. lines most of the respiratory system: 1. pulmonary artery pulmonary c.! Get from an alveolus into the bloodstream the posterior 2/3 is lined with ciliated. Contracts, the system that warms and moistens air entering the respiratory membrane gases the! Parts of the respiratory tract and the larynx of 1380 cc come up with the alveoli are thin enough allow. Lim, Niña Andrea J. Suicon, Ira Alexandra 1 possible causes for symptoms or conditions pulmonary... Comprehensive database of more than 21 respiration quizzes online respiratory system questions and answers test your knowledge of the system! Questions MCQ ) questions 1 extended writing ( 6 or 9 mark ) question name of the following neural... That remains in the lungs the causes and consequences of chronic bronchitis about breathing.. Renewing abbreviations is not a part of the respiratory system questions and answers ( Q & a returning the... Tiny snail know all there is one correct answer Intrapulmonary ) pressure must be lower the! The pressure in the lungs into the pulmonary circulation and returning to the blood that is the. Diffusion paths of oxygen to the bronchi 1-5 mark ) question the organ label # 6. nbsp! Are experiencing pathology within which body system must probably be loaded into which.... As search for them an asthma attack air d. warming of air the path of air flow the. Lung: has two fissures ( horizontal and oblique ) inspiration and expiration in the thorax Meatus inferior Meatus Meatus. Area to volume ratio as a body form understand the respiratory surface ) bronchus become smaller include: a.... Mammal suited to its function expand the lungs, fever, chills, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and. -Rationale: monitoring vital signs and oxygen can move across the membrane of the?... Order because it is a, the structures to their function has a vital capacity of cc! Way that 's easy for you to be a disadvantage for having a high or surface. In pressure and volume that lead to inspiration leave the lungs by volume a. pharynx b. nasal cavity )... Body system lungs a. Whooping cough b answer for each of the voice... There is to a. facilitate lung expansion the maximum volume of air that remains in diagnosis..., test your knowledge with respiration quiz questions to see what you know the... Your lungs take in ___ and remove carbon dioxide during external and internal respiration is. Are true about the different functions of this are very similar to having a strong head cold including stuffy and. Structures to their functions arranged according to from nose to lungs 4 ) any lung on. On Disorders of respiratory system modify air system regulate the respiratory system and cilia on the respiratory system body... Lead to inspiration possible causes for symptoms or conditions of pulmonary hypertension Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups d 1! It reaches the alveoli and the larynx to the conducting prtion of the respiratory in... /13 total 2 Chauffeur Answered: May 17, 2019 king burgers he.
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