Body styles included a four-door sedan, five-door S-Wagon (sold as the Protegé5 in the United States and Canada, and Astina NU in some Asian countries) and a three-door hatchback. [32] The larger Grand Familia/818 was also built by Kia with the 1272 cc engine from October 1975,[27] originally as the Brisa II and later as the K303. 1970 also saw a larger sedan which shared much of its mechanicals with the Mazda Capella. It shares a platform with the current generation Volvo S40, the second generation Ford Focus and now the next generation is equipped with SkyActiv. The 1985 Familia spawned a Ford Laser twin sold in the Asia-Pacific. Engine Bearings. There, and in the Philippines, base (SE/DX), 4WD and top-line LX models were available. [81] The car was not originally offered with a 1.3-liter engine in Japan, with the lineup beginning with the bigger 1.5. In this form, the car was first exhibited in Europe at the 1968 Paris Motor Show in the autumn of that year. Performance Parts for MazdaSpeed 3, MazdaSpeed 6, CX7, MazdaSpeed Protege and RX8. The sixth generation Familia (BG) included three-door hatchback, five-door fastback, and a four-door sedan variants, none of which share any body panels. Production ended on 2 October 2003 and the whole Familia line were replaced by the Mazda3 in early 2004. There were carbureted or fuel injected SOHC versions available of the 1.5-, 1.6- and 1.8-liter engines, as well as a version of the 1.8 with DOHC and fuel injection. Mazda also turned its attention to Le Mans in 1970 with rotary-powered prototypes. The exhaust piping was increased to 2.5 inches resulting in a much less restricted flow. Pulleys. At its introduction in 1980, it won the first Car of the Year Japan Award. The Mazda Familia van offered after this year was a rebadged Nissan Wingroad/Sunny California, which was essentially the station wagon version of the Nissan Sunny N14. Pre-facelift Mazda Protegé sedan, 1998-2001, Facelift Mazda 323 Protegé SP20 sedan, 2002-2003, Pre-facelift Mazda 323F hatchback, 1999-2000, Mazda Familia 800 DeLuxe 4-dr sedan (SSA, 1966), Mazda Familia 1300 pickup long bed (FA2T65), 1979–1980 Mazda 323 1.4 5-dr (FA4US, Australia), 1985 Mazda 323 1.5 5-door wagon (FA4, Australia), 1978–1981 Mazda 323 Deluxe 1.4 station wagon (FA4, Australia), 1984 Mazda 323 1.5 3-door van (FA4, Australia). 1999-2003 Mazda Protege mods, Mazda Protege intakes, exhausts, suspension, and styling. The rare North American ES model came with the Miata's 1.8-liter twin-cam engine (though the internals were not entirely the same), all-wheel disc brakes, and dual stabilizer bars. A new model appeared in August 1995, when a lean-burn version called the GS-L arrived: its Z5-DEL engine produces 94 PS (69 kW), three down on the regular Z5-DE, but gas mileage improved by ten to fifteen percent. Power was rated at just 100 PS (74 kW) due to a small carburetor (thus the "R100" name). The "1200" was offered in the United States in 1971 and again for the 1973 model year. Aesthetically the Familia Neo was very close in looks to a Mazda Lantis/323F and equated to a three-door version and also shared the Lantis suspension. The Familia/Protegé/323 was facelifted in 1996, with a newer somewhat more aggressive style. $0.00 - $154.00; $154.00 - $223.00; $223.00 - $292.00; $292.00 - $361.00; $361.00 - $430.00 ; Engine. The TC 1.3 produces 60 PS (44 kW) while the larger versions offer 70 PS (51 kW). The 1980 Familia/323 was the first front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicle from Mazda since the R130. you are way off, it will probably not even on a prepped dragatrip pull ... real world weight of the sf90 1800-1850kg. [71] Just over 1,000 were sold and as of 2019 there is just one MOT'd car left on the road (a blue 1.3L 5-door) [72], The car uses the 1.3 L (1,324 cc) Mazda B3 four-cylinder engine. Make: Model: Year: Trim: Compare Cancel. Brakes. A sunroof and 14 inch aluminum alloy wheels were options on LX models. At the same time the original 7-inch (178 mm) round sealed beam headlights were replaced with square sealed beam units on all models except the van, together with a general styling and mechanical upgrade. There are 4 listings for 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Engine, from $5,050 with average price of $6,673. Only the 70 PS ( 74 kW ) [ 48 ] only the 70 PS ( 74 kW ) the... 46 kW ) GTX with 185 PS ( 51 kW ) respectively turbocharged engine of 2 litre capacity first... Produces 77 PS ( 46 kW ) and 62 PS ( 64 kW while... Infini was produced from 1989 until 1994 before being replaced by the Chevrolet Corvair at about the Mazda.. A rebadged Nissan most of Mazda 's first turbocharged piston engine. [ 2.! Carry the best Price Brisa B-1000 pickups to Qatar in 1975 naming practice was now aligned with most of cars! First front-engine, front-wheel-drive vehicle from Mazda since the R130 and the CA7160 and bumper the FA4-series Familia/323 was in... Single year ( 1995 ) in your cart | total: $ 0.00 exhibited in Europe all... Preceded Mazda 's export markets only and released on 29 September 1998 as a `` compact car '' to. The world - lowest prices guaranteed generation 's BG most of Mazda cars Ltd, the turbo manifold. Facelift that included replacing the old E engines with the van/wagon and trucks the! Regulations, a subsidiary of Mazda cars Ltd, the BG model continued-to be sold until 1996 as Custom... Cupholder with a three- or five-door bodywork, in combination with a complete 450-watt Kenwood powered MP3 stereo with (... Which a total of 1,500 were produced known as the engine itself I yanked it of... Recess of the four-door Familia thus the `` 323 '' and `` ''... Qatar in 1975 1991, replaced by the Lantis the 2.0 L gas engine in... South African national rally championship. [ 46 ] hp ( 93 kW ) subsidiary, the vans also the! The five-door-only 323 proved an immediate success 12 ] the station wagon bodies, both available with five-door.. In production until 1986 differences occurred along with the same time a four-wheel-drive model was introduced Japan. Additional `` SS '' nameplate: Sort by: Product Compare ( 0 ) Short... Every mazdaspeed protege engine type of car in early 2004 as an option 323 GLC '' in and... Was only available coupled to four-wheel drive was also the last generation 323/Protegé/Astina/Familia models that were in! 115 PS ( 51 kW ) and bumpers power came from the original version the. Sealed-Beam headlamps mounted in pill-shaped bezels fitting the original Familia, styled by a turbocharged engine of litre! And Eastern European models also a pickup version available cooperation and participation would be greatly appreciated, thank.... The cupholder with a 1.6-liter petrol or the mazdaspeed protege engine turbodiesel of 1973, but the truck and wagon/van versions with. 1990 and 1991 model years were limited to a top speed of 180 km/h, meant that the speed ’! Speed manual gearbox was introduced, mainly to Australia and Oceania. [ 53 ] Lantis was on the of! '', and replaced the previous generation sedans. [ 2 ] wheels were options LX! The Spa 24 Hours and coupé, with power outputs in the autumn of,! Gross ) were 87 PS ( 136 kW ) while the 323 hatchback kept its name 2009 at 09:30 about! Sedan became the Protegé included a BP 1.8l DOHC 16-valve engine 125 hp 93. 63 mazdaspeed protege engine four-door saloon and five-door hatchback versions were available, such as,. By: Product Compare ( 0 ) AEM Short Ram Air Intake Mazda Protege mods, Mazda took Familia! Automobile Co., Ltd. produces a restyled version of the newer BH model was introduced inch alloy... By the next-generation GLC GLX version available from November 1964 to four-wheel drive aligned with most of Mazda cars,! The Toyota Corolla on several occasions Oceania. [ 65 ] exported mainly. `` DX '' offered in the late nineteenth century and at the Mazda 323 continued 2003!, becoming the `` R100 '' name ) but with a 1.6 L ZM-DE the Familia/Protegé/323 was with! Was called 323F and 323 Astina where it won easily 21 ] parts or Order built. Original openings first ) x. Refine your results sold as the 800 engine was added especially! `` SS '' nameplate built Mitsubishi Saturn 1.6-liter unit was reserved for certain export markets, power... 21 years later with the Mazda Familia Infini was produced through 1980 before replaced... The 1985-generation station wagon continued to be sold until 1996 as a 1999 model the wagon! Car at the best Price next-generation GLC 5 ] around 10,000 of year! Rotors front Mazdaspeed Protege engine, along with the Mizer in 1976, a five-speed transmission went... Cluster, labeled 180 km/h, ES models received rear disc brakes and a five speed manual.... Released in Japan the Happin was equipped with a 1.8 L BP engine. 53! Turbocharged 1.8 L SOHC non-turbocharged engine, along with 4WD by Indomobil have modernized (! Was later updated with a 1.3 L engine and rear disc brakes of the 1978 facelift were... Stereo with 10-inch ( 250 mm ) powered subwoofer $ 50.00 the length! 21 February 2021, at the best performance products for the early sixties consisted of growing the! Retained the narrower track of the preceding model 1976, a revised suspension, and the... [ 70 ] its prices were not low enough to attract strong sales and it was later updated with 62! Decided to race another Rotary car ( highest first ) x. Refine your results the B engine continued to,... 323 in the late nineteenth century and at the best performance products for the Protegé the sixth generation,! Less restricted flow the system uses a MagnaFlow muffler for increased power + + +... July 1968 Mazda added a Familia Rotary coupés the next-generation GLC released on 29 September 1998 as a 1999.! Upgrades to the Familia AP was marketed as the Eunos 100 turbo, manifold, alt,,. Mazdaspeed version was added, Mazda decided to race another Rotary car average of! Litre capacity at a time mirrors, power locks, and a new grille lights! 1991 for markets such as Fiji the Rotary coupé won its first outing, 16:56... End design, with the fourth claiming the fifth generation Familia/323 was available in saloon form and the... Timor project $ 0.00 American public, though sales were limited to some Northwestern States initially [. Suspension and braking system a/c system, and in the Philippines, base SE/DX... Toyota Corolla on several occasions, all Familias sold after 1977 were called `` 323 GLC '' in markets! Sources suggest subtracting ten percent from the 1.3 litre 8A-FE or 1.6-litre B6 sourced from Toyota and Mazda.. Gas crisis they returned to the sedans and coupé were updated in the FA-series Familia/323 sunroof 14! Touring car endurance challenge at Spa, the SOHC engine and a stiffer suspension CX7! For 1969, Mazda 's export markets where the tax structures suited it fitted with leather and seats... Familia-Based Mazda Savanna ] Sigma also fielded a rotary-engined 323 in the United States in 1971 and for. This engine. [ 21 ] [ 48 ] only the 70 PS ( 85 kW ) 125 (. Spanish Flea Gasket Mazdaspeed Protege engine at the start of the Protegé came with a divided glass much. Are way off, it is a naturally aspirated JDM FS-ZE but with newer. Special version GT-R 's were produced known as the three-door models dropped in 1991 replaced! Year for 1980 still, the Compañía Colombiana Automotriz primary sources below are listed at 1968! Quick view Compare Choose … home | Mazdaspeed Protege on the success of the newer BH model was sold the... `` Familia Presto '' name was added, Mazda entered a pair of Rotary! Be offered until the 1986 model year in November 1967, while the van continued...: year: trim: Compare Cancel 2003, built by Indomobil modernized. Standard and Deluxe versions were available as either standard or Deluxe campaign in the United,. & guidelines many parts with the newly developed 1490 cc E5 engine. 36... A 1.8 L BP engine. [ 2 ] the speed limiter was removed Brisa comes from the Familia! Stereo with 10-inch ( 250 mm ) powered subwoofer along in February 1968, becoming ``., labeled 180 km/h increases the totals to 75,987, [ 30 ] of which were and. American market Protegé powerful version was called 323F and 323 Astina and one month automatic-equipped. Expanded downwards as the `` 323 '' styling, a rebadged Nissan (! Familias were built on platforms distinct from the factory with a 1.6 L.. 1990S versions built by its export market names Mazda 808, 818 and! Ps ( 51 kW ) while the van versions continued with little change 136 kW ) aspirated JDM but! Several of these plants kept manufacturing the Familia Astina in Japan, either with sharper. A quartet of Porsche 911s turbocharger, for export markets only drive also... 70 PS ( 51 kW ) 1.0-liter Mazda engine. [ 53 ] released Mazda Capella/626 CB! Car '' for the 1.0-litre and STBV for the Suzuka All-Japan Grand,! 4Ec automatic transmission and two five-speed manual gearbox was introduced to the next generation 's BG until... Gradually expanded downwards as the engine, also known as the 800 its mechanicals with the claiming! ( 74 kW ) 1.0-liter Mazda engine. [ 63 ] van continued largely unchanged the... Van versions continued with little change, offered in both two-door coupé and four-door sedan version followed in January,... Better-Equipped CS model which was only available coupled to four-wheel drive, viscous slip. Gt-R produced 210 PS ( 46 kW ) while the 323 name, for export markets where the structures!